Fighting for the most vulnerable

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“Child abuse statistics, and more specifically, the amount of murders and sexual offences against children, are just unacceptable. We cannot sit by and watch vulnerable children being subjected to some of the most horrific crimes you can think of. We have to mobilize and take action, so that we can save and protect more children”. 


Our goal is to provide a channel that will enable and support a prosperous and safe society. 


We are a non-profit organisation that depend on public support. Join Action Society today and help us to fight for justice and change.


Action Society drives several campaigns focusing on:

  • The fight against child abuse;

  • The fight against women abuse;

  • Fighting for the elderly; and

  • Fighting for animal rights.

Action Society is a civil rights organisation driven by a purpose to provide a voice to the voiceless.

In a noticeably broken society, our team has come together to form a collaborative arm within the community: fighting for justice, mobilising for change and by supporting the vulnerable in need.

Utilizing the framework of our civil rights system we aim to deconstruct the harsh realities that we see daily.

Who are we?

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